Monday, June 16, 2008

Harper & Hillier's Disgrace

The honour of Canada's military mission to Afghanistan has been sullied, perhaps irreparably.

The story in today's Toronto Star says it all. Canadian soldiers being ordered to look the other way and shut up about sexual assaults on civilians by their Afghan army comrades.

"Canadian soldiers serving in Afghanistan have been ordered by commanding officers "to ignore" incidents of sexual assault among the civilian population, says a military chaplain who counsels troops returning home with post-traumatic stress disorder.

The chaplain, Jean Johns, says she recently counselled a Canadian soldier who said he witnessed a boy being raped by an Afghan soldier, then wrote a report on the allegation for her brigade chaplain.

In her March report, which she says should have been advanced "up the chain of command," Johns says the corporal told her that Canadian troops have been ordered by commanding officers "to ignore" incidents of sexual assault. Johns hasn't received a reply to the report.

While several Canadian Forces chaplains say other soldiers have made similar claims, Department of National Defence lawyers have argued Canada isn't obliged to investigate because none of the soldiers has made a formal complaint, says a senior Canadian officer familiar with the matter."

Great. We're over in Afghanistan training a corps of armed sodomite pedophiles. Best of all, we're making sure to keep a lid on it.
Fight with the Canadian Armed Forces! Indeed. Maybe we could start by shooting a few of the peds we're allied with. Maybe, as described in this 2002 account from the New York Times, we should just hand our Afghan army comrades over to the Taliban:
"Though the puritanical Taliban tried hard to erase pedophilia from male-dominated Pashtun culture, now that the Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice is gone, some people here are indulging in it once again.

''During the Taliban, being with a friend was difficult, but now it is easy again,'' said Ahmed Fareed, a 19-year-old man with a white shawl covering his face except for a dark shock of hair and piercing kohl-lined eyes. Mr. Fareed should know. A shopkeeper took him as a lover when he was just 12, he said.

An interest in relationships with young boys among warlords and their militia commanders played a part in the Taliban's rise in Afghanistan. In 1994, the Taliban, then a small army of idealistic students of the Koran, were called to rescue a boy over whom two commanders had fought. They freed the boy and the people responded with gratitude and support.

''At that time boys couldn't come to the market because the commanders would come and take away any that they liked,'' said Amin Ullah, a money changer, gesturing to his two teenage sons hunched over wads of afghani bank notes at Kandahar's currency bazaar. "


Johnathon said...

Funny how the mound of sound cares about kids getting raped by homosexual pedophiles.

In Canada you only get 4 years for raping your own child, so why should Canadians soldiers do anything about Afghans getting raped.

Liberals don't give two shits about victims of crime but if those same leftist moonbats can bash the Canadian military, they join the cause.

Face it mound of sound, you don't care about victims of crime in Afghanistan or Canada because if you did, you would send letters to all your heroes in the Liberal Party of Canada and demand those liberal judges be fired for giving rapists so little jail time.

Until you criticize your own left wing judges, you have no business talking about the Canadian forces.

It's time to grow up.

The Mound of Sound said...

Johnathon you besotted shit, are you hammered again? Go sleep it off and don't come back until you're straight.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Yeah, Mound. Until you criticize jelly, you've got no business talking about peanut butter. But, Mound, weren't you just repeating and reporting a military chaplain's complaint?

Them namby-pamby chaplains! She oughta just grow up and accept homosexual rape like all them other priests.

Let's see... 4 years for rape versus looking the other way and no penalty whatsoever. Hmmm... which one is better?


Red Tory said...

I suspect this story might be a tad overblown. From what's reported, it doesn't seem to be a widespread situation, but of course the problem arriving at that conclusion are obvious.

Anonymous said...

Not to put too fine a point on this one guys but I have yet to see folks refer to men who assault young girls as 'heterosexual' pedophiles or rapists whose victims are women as 'heterosexual rapists'. Pedophiles are sexually attracted to youth either pre or post pubescent. Although some may have a tendency to one gender they are most interested in forcing sex on someone who is vulnerable, someone who they perceive as non-threatening.

By using phrases like homosexual pedophile or homosexual rape, it simply reinforces the narratives (I use the term loosely) of idiots like Johnathan.

Sexual assault against anyone of any age and of any gender is about power and violence not sexuality. In addition, as a culture we only further marginalize male victims of rape (again of any age) when we create a separate and distinct category that only reinforces homophobic attitudes.

JimBobby said...

Point taken, Anon. Rape is rape.


Johnathon said...

Liberals = soft on crime for rapists

Mound of sound = bashing the Canadian military for being soft on rapists.


You bet it is.

And its also shameful. But left wing moonbats are shameless people who only care about themselves and their thieving friends in the Liberal Party.

Liberals care more about stealing money from taxpayers than they do about rape victims.

There is no doubt about that.

Dr.Dawg said...

Pay no never-mind to this "Jonathon" idjit. Here's one guy who's tough on lenient sentences for sex criminals and is also tough on our forces for deliberately condoning a war crime, which mass rape by uniformed soldiers assuredly is. I think the order to keep silent and not interfere when allied soldiers are committing war crimes is pretty dicey from an international law perspective.

The Mound of Sound said...

Abominable as the behaviour of some Afghans may be, I have great sympathy for our troops who are exposed to that and have to stand aside and let it happen. What are we going to do when some corporal from the PPCLI drills one of these bastards between the eyes in disgust? I'm sure there are a number of them who'd be powerfully tempted to do just that.

As Sarah Chayes put it in the subsequent post, Canada is supporting a criminal enterprise - the Karzai government.

I'm sure we wouldn't hesitate to top Hamid if we caught him aiding the Taliban. Why do we put up with it when we catch his people taking part in this sort of garbage? Maybe if we made Hamid understand that he was going to be held accountable for the abuses of his military and security services and the corruption of his political lieutenants, maybe he'd straighten up and fly right.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jimbobby. I knew that there was no ill-intent from the progressive commenters but needed to make the point very explicitly given Johnathan's crap.