Sunday, June 08, 2008

Isn't This Where We're Supposed to Scream "FIX"?

It's my fault. I haven't read the script. But somehow I remember from so many Conservative rants when they were in opposition (most of my considerable lifetime) that this is the moment when I'm supposed to decry "the system" as corrupt.

Plain as day, you see. Here's the background from The Star:

"The federal ethics commissioner has cleared Dimitri Soudas – Prime Minister Stephen Harper's senior adviser on Quebec – of allegations he interfered on behalf of a real-estate developer in a dispute with the federal government.

Mary Dawson says Soudas's actions may have appeared to be overzealous but there is no evidence he put inappropriate pressure on Public Works."

Well, I think that pretty much speaks for itself. Why the fix was in. Federal ethics commissioner Mary Dawson must be a Harper stooge. The whole thing stinks. I want an election to put an end to this legacy of corruption!

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