Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Okay Lardo, It's a Command Performance Now

Our Furious Leader, little Stevie Harper, may have to think twice about spurning Stephane Dion's challenge for an "adult debate" on the Liberal Green Shift proposal.

A Toronto Star/Angus Reid poll found 70% of respondents absolutely keen on the debate idea.

The Big Greasy Splotch is going to have to tread carefully through this one. If he doesn't debate, he won't look good to most Canadians. If he does debate, he runs even greater risks. He might just give Dion the opportunity to show he's not a wimp. Worse yet, he might give Dion a forum to showcase the real merits and limited downside effects of the tax shift proposal.

Poor old Lardo. He's great at sniping from the weeds but now he's being called out - by the Canadian people.


Anonymous said...

The desperate crave debates. McCain has begun goading Obama into an early debate...Obama would be a fool to do it..and he wont. Thats what elections are for. Dion is at a 10% approval rating, its a smart move on his part to ask for one, but, why would Harper bother? Whats next?...the Liberals going all over the country telling Canadians how bad the new immigration bill that they helped pass is? billg

Oldschool said...

Most Canooks see Citizen Dion's Green Shift as an inflation driving, pocket picking liberal nonsense.
Why would Harper want to debate this clown?
How about a debate on the CO2 thing . . . . seems the Algores, Suzuki's and other enviro's run like London bombers from the debate. Experts like Ball, Litzen, Paterson, and Borg Lomborg are waiting.
31,000 scientists signed a petition questioning the Kyoto nonsense.
Carbon trading is foolish and costly . . . and who pays the fare? Why the end user of course, me!!!

The Mound of Sound said...

Gee Bill, I don't know that I'd be so quick to call 70% of adult Canadians "desperate." Surely if a large majority of Canadians want to know more about the actual merits and drawbacks of the Green Shift policy and if Harpo really has legitimate criticisms, he and Dion ought to debate the point. Harper has already spent a lot of money smearing Dion and the Libs over this. If people feel this strongly about it, maybe he should be obliged to let someone refute his criticisms - if they can.

Geez Preschool, why don't you read before you open your mouth? You don't know the first thing about carbon trading. You put your astonishing ignorance front and centre when you talk about Big Tobacco's shills, Ball and company. You're incredible as in "not" "credible." You have absolutely nothing worthwhile to add to this discussion, nothing. You're a total lightweight.
There's a reason, preschool, that everyone's always telling you to get lost.

Anonymous said...

Oh goody... a Carbon Tax/Shift/Kyoto/GlobalWarming-er Cooling-er/Climate Change debate.
These never get old.
I cant wait till the fall election is over and we can get back to talking about famous European madams!! billg

The Mound of Sound said...

Jeebus Bill, give it a rest! All thanks to you I had to go find out if my recollection that the old trollop was gone was right. Write this down, because you're not going to hear it often - I WAS WRONG!

Seems Ms. H. has a comfortable setup in Amsterdam and Marbella, Spain. At her website, yes she has her own, you can peruse her accommodations and book reservations if you're interested, either in her Dutch B&B or the entire Spanish villa.

It appears she is now content to refer to herself as the "Happy Booker." Groan if you like, but those are her words, not mine.

Now, back to debates....

Anonymous said...

I'm just commenting on why the debate wont happen until the election, and, hoping that a little honesty creeps in. If the rolls were reversed Dion would have to climb over Kinsella to get to the stage for a debate...he'd never allow it and for good reason. A Toronto Star poll... thats funny..why not a Calgary Sun poll on who would make the best PM?
Sorry 'bout the XH remark...but come on...thats pretty cool. It will never be spoken again. billg