Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Now It's Six Feet?

Another "foot in sneaker" find, this one in Campbell River on the east side of mid-Vancouver Island.

From the Globe & Mail:

"RCMP in Campbell River on Vancouver Island said a local woman strolling a beach found an Adidas sneaker this morning, containing what appears to be a man's foot.

It's certainly suspicious,” Sergeant Mike Tresoor said in an interview.

“A lady walking on the beach alerted us to this. … It appears to be human remains. We haven't absolutely confirmed it – it will be confirmed through a pathologist

Nothing particularly sinister about this one, though. Like the first four, it's a right foot, male, about size 10.


Fish said...

Ordinarily I would immediately suspect that this was the work of sime kind of serial killer, but since it's just feet appearing, it makes me wonder if it's just feet being cut off. Possibly from illegal immigrants being smuggled into the country, as a way to keep "order" on the ships.

Have you heard any other theories?

The Mound of Sound said...

Fishman, old chum. Hmmm ..illegal immigrants, eh? Your guess sounds about as good as any other. Just the other day I saw a pathologist tell a reporter that he didn't think foul play was involved. Wait, I just looked outside's raining feet, almost all of them right feet, all clad in sneakers!

Apparently they don't believe the feet were mechanically severed from their former owners. Instead it appears they were "detached" by more natural causes and merely survived because they were encased in sturdy Nikes and Adidas. Still, that's a lot of monopeds to run ashore in just 10-months.

Cannibalism anyone? Any way it turns out, it's damned weird. Then again, strange things sometimes are known to happen along this coast.

Cheers. Hope the bar ad went well. Time somebody got you to slaving like an honest man.