Wednesday, June 04, 2008

"It's Our Time"

"It's Our Time" may be the meme of the Democratic presidential runoff. Obama used it to powerful effect in his speech last night. Hillary supporters have been using it constantly to bolster their claim that Mrs. Clinton deserves the throne.

To all you rabid Hillary supporters - it's your time when your candidate wins and, please, make sure I'm the first to know just when that happens. Until your candidate wins, it's not your time. Obama didn't deserve to win because he's black anymore than Hillary deserved to win because she's female. So, cut the crap.

Here's another thought. No genuine feminist can also be a racist. Sexism is bigotry and so is racism. You can't fight one form of bigotry and freely embrace another. And there's plenty of bigotry to be found among Hillary supporters.

It's difficult to read too much into blog comments but I'll give you a few examples of what Hillary supporters have been saying:

"the little sooty tan man"
" it was our time little man, not a token black man"
"the flushing sound? thats your buddy husseins chances of becoming prez"
Hillary enjoyed the support of rank bigots of both genders but it was the depth of bigotry among women that took me by surprise. Now I'm not naive. I studied in the states and I've seen, first hand, more than enough racism among American women. What troubles me is how the feminist leaders didn't step forward to denounce this sort of thing during the nomination campaign. Certainly they ought to have been fighting misogyny but also speaking out against the tide of racism that surfaced from their own gender. Instead they sat on their hands.
Genuine feminism cannot tolerate racism. So, what happened?


Johnathon said...

I don't get the love that left wing Canadians have with Obama.

He supports Israel,and is against gay marriage.

That should be enough for left wing loony toon Canadians to start bashing him.

How can left wing Canadians like a person who is totally against their most beloved values.

The hatred of Israel and the love for homosexual marriage.

It's almost comical.

The Mound of Sound said...

Johnathon, you're right, you don't get it and you never will.

Anonymous said...'s NOT YOUR choice - it's the choice of the Americans - keep it in perspective.

Oh, and I suggest you cut the crap with your daily Hillary bashing - because quite frankly who the Americans pick is really none of your business.

The Mound of Sound said...

Anon, your pettiness knows no bounds and you sound disturbingly unhinged when you suggest I claimed it was "my" choice. If you need to fantasize to make your arguments, don't make them.

Who Americans pick is very much everyone's business. The White House has, after all, dragged us along with many other Western nations into its war of whim without end and that makes it our business. The fact that the price of oil has more than quadrupled due to Bush's blunders makes it my business every time I visit the gas pump. The way the American president has undermined global security and set back action on global warming makes it my business.

You don't like that? I don't care.

Anonymous said...

Argue all you want - yes, it affects us - but it is still the "Americans" that vote in the US - they make the decision, we live with it....

You don't rant and attack an awful lot.