Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Dear Barack:

I don't want to meddle, and congratulations by the way on cinching the Democratic nomination, but -

...but, when you're looking for a running mate maybe, just maybe you might look to someone who hasn't lately and repeatedly and quite openly mused on your hypothetical assassination a'la Bobby Kennedy.

You'll spend your entire term glancing over your shoulder and you'll have to constantly watch both of them. Why not do it the easy way? Just fill the tub, throw in the piranhas and jump in.


LeDaro said...

Agree. She did not even concede. It will be a 'nightmare team' for Barack.

The Mound of Sound said...

Wow, LD, I am really impressed. I'd just barely posted this piece and I went to preview it on the web page only to discover your response. That's something, and...


Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure. A slam dunk would be to get H on the ticket. I still think he can win on his own, but, US politics is the opposite of Canadian....more people want to vote Republican in the US, so, even though it should be a slam dunk for Dems, with Barack on his own its not. Leave Bill at home, find a way to get H on the ticket and it wont be close.
But, I could be wrong. billg

The Mound of Sound said...

Bill, how do you leave the Big Dog at home? He's said some pretty ugly things in the course of this campaign. I don't know that Hillary would be content to be a vice-president. I think she would eventually move to elevate herself to a co-president. So, yes, for political advantage in November she might be an obvious choice but for the job that lies ahead come January she could be toxic.

LeDaro said...

By the way MoS, last night I had just finished listening to Obama’s speech and it was midnight. Before turning off the computer I just looked at your blog to see if you had posted anything on the historic moment and I loved "Dear Barack" post because I am of the same opinion.

Hillary will be distraction during general election and she will make governing a nightmare. She will refuse to be a second fiddle. Moreover, Hillary is from the old establishment and Obama is for change, it will be an incompatible ticket.