Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Victoria to Fight Ottawa Over Insite?

The BC government has warned it may intervene to keep the Harper government from shutting Vancouver's safe injection clinic, Insite.

Last week a BC Supreme Court judge, Ian Pitfield, ruled that Insite is a health care facility for drug addicts and, as such, can stay open despite the wacko fundamentalist views of the Harpies. The Cons have announced they'll appeal that decision so they can shut down the clinic.

This is an issue that puts Harper squarely at odds with the people and government of British Columbia. The safe injection clinic where addicts are given clean needles and a place to use them under limited medical supervision is strongly supported in this province in part because it's also the one place where addicts can get counselling and access to rehabilitation programmes.

BC Health Minister George Abbott was unequivocal in expressing his government's support for Insite. "It is a very important case involving a health facility we believe is important in the continuum of care for people with addictions and for people with mental illness." Abbott suggested that what British Columbia needs isn't the end of Insite but more such clinics.

Most of this province isn't keen on Harper's social conservative ways, especially not in major population centres. BC is also more tolerant of drug use than other provinces which is reflected in relatively light sentencing in criminal cases.

But, if the Furious Leader wants a fight on this issue, he couldn't have picked a better place for it in my view. If he wants a fight, a fight he'll get and, next time, all the cameras will be on Lardo. He may suddenly find that he's the one who's really on trial out here. Welcome to Beautiful British Columbia, Steve, c'mon in!


Anonymous said...

Just goes to show how much the BC Liberal Govt has been taken over by Fed Libs.

They'll be losing a pile of votes next time. I certainly won't vote for them again.

The Mound of Sound said...

I don't think the BC government is in any danger of being "taken over by the Fed Libs." It's a government liberal in name only and I'm sure you realize that.

So, if they're not rightwing enough for you, not supplicant to Harpo's social conservatism, are you planning to vote NDP provincially? If so, good on ya.