Sunday, June 22, 2008

Not Like He Didn't Have It Coming - George Carlin, 71

George is gone. If that sounds callous, I really don't believe he'd have the slightest problem with my tagline above. If there were a few things Carlin believed it was that your Karma would catch up with you eventually. He embraced the sinner except more to partake than forgive.

71? I guess it sounds early but maybe we should first ask Keith Richards.
There always was a dark spark inside that guy, try as he might disguise it in the "commerical era" of his career.

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Anonymous said...

A long long long long time ago...the priest at my local church insisted that Jethro Tull and George Carlin were part of a "satanic" culture...that was pretty much the end for me and the Catholic church. RIP were one ground breakin' funny mother*&^%$#!!! That was 6th on the list. billg