Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Claimed Stem Cell Cure for HIV & Leukemia

If this is true it is the story of the decade.  

DOCTORS in Berlin, working with an American patient with HIV and leukaemia, have declared in a peer-reviewed journal they believe they have cured both illnesses.

It would be the first time a HIV patient has been cured. The procedure is creating a buzz among HIV academics in the US.

Experts call the development encouraging, but warn that years of work remain before the treatment could lead to a general therapy against HIV.
'''Cured' is a strong word. But this is very encouraging,'' said Dr David Scadden, a co-director of the Harvard University Stem Cell Institute. ''From all indications, there was no residual virus.

''It's as good an outcome as one could hope for.''


saskboy said...

These sorts of stories I believe when I see it in action, and affordable too. Eradicated then becomes the next step.

The Mound of Sound said...

I tend to agree with you Saskboy. I learned to keep my distance from these stories way back when I was a reporter. This one, however, has a couple of differences that make it notable. One, it has peer reviewed status. The other is that it has corroboration from the Harvard University Stem Cell unit. No question this has a good long way to go before it reaches therapeutic status but it is hopeful.

sudheer said...

well let's hope that the stem cell researchers are right this time.i remember the dr.lee's ( or somebody like that)hoax.