Thursday, December 16, 2010

Halliburton, Bush Sr. and James Baker Get Cheney Off the Hook for 250-Million Dollars

Yes it does, only we need them in a cell.

It took a bit of arm twisting and bags of cash but George Bush Sr., his former Secretary of State, James Baker, and Halliburton succeeded in getting Nigeria to drop corruption charges against Dick Cheney.

A spokesman for Nigeria's Economic and Financial Crimes Commission says a plea bargain that saved Cheney from prosecution was reached in London last week.

A quarter-billion bucks.   That's a lot of mea culpa for the Dickster.   The sum is said to include $130-million "trapped" in Switzerland.   That sounds like code for "misappropriated" which is a nice way of saying purloined or filched.


Beijing York said...

Speaking of Haliburton, are they named as one of the companies to be sued along with BP for the oil spill?

The Mound of Sound said...

I'm sure they must be. Their complicity in ordering shortcuts has been known for quite a while.

Okie said...

What I read this morning said Haliburton isn't included at this time. The article went on to say there was a deadline for filing that is coming up shortly, but whether the deadline applies to the federal government isn't entirely clear.

"Shares in the companies targeted in the lawsuit fell in the wake of the lawsuit.

The stocks trimmed early losses to close off their lows, with BP down 1.3 percent at $43.86 and Anadarko Petroleum down 2.3 percent at $67.41. Halliburton, which wasn't named in the suit, closed near session lows, down 3.1 percent at $39.79."

Anonymous said...
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