Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Harper Outed as Climate Change Scammer

Who says Steve Harper doesn't give a dam about climate change?  That would be Scott Vaughan, the government's commissioner of the environment and sustainable development.  Vaughan says Harper hasn't even bothered to get the information he would need to deal with climate change.  From TorStar:

  Scott Vaughan, commissioner of the environment and sustainable development, says the government is failing to take charge of environmental issues because it has no plan to deal with the impacts of climate change, despite 18 years’ of promises.

Vaughan says climate change is already taking its toll, in the form of severe weather in Atlantic Canada, drought in the Prairies, the loss of boreal forests to pests and fire, and the thawing of the permafrost in the North.

Vaughan’s report today also says Ottawa is unprepared to respond to major oil spills, even though it receives reports of an average of one spill a day. “Given the findings of this audit, I am troubled that the government is not ready to respond to a major spill,” he said.

Vaughan also issues a warning about the government’s monitoring of fresh water, saying that in many cases water quality is not monitored, and Ottawa often has no idea who is supposed to be keeping tabs on which water supply.

Environment Canada “has not taken such basic steps as defining its responsibilities and responding to the threats to Canada’s water resources that it has identified,” he said.

Is it any wonder that prime ministerial dirtbag has gagged Environment Canada ever since he came to power?  That's what petro-states do.   Harper won't be letting something like the devastation of large parts of Canada stand in the way of his cherished Tar Sands expansion now will he?  Too bad we're stuck with Harper Lite running the other party.

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