Saturday, December 18, 2010

If You Can't Win an Election Defending Canada Pension, You've Got No Business Being in Ottawa

Will the Liberals defend the Canada Pension Plan against the privatization ploys of Jim Flaherty?

During the summer Harper's favourite smurf agreed that a small increase in CPP premiums would be the best way to help Canadians save more for retirement.  Now, rather than enhancing the CPP, Harper & Co. want to go for a private investment plan, the Pooled Registered Pension Plan administered by the financial industry.

Doesn't this sound like Bush when he unsuccessfully pressed to privatize Social Security?   The PRPP has plenty of differences but it too invites the for-profit and often predatory financial industry into the Canadian public's retirement funds.

If you can't frame that issue in a way that resonates with Canadian voters, you should pack your bags and get the hell out of Ottawa.   And, yes Iggy I mean you.


double nickel said...


Anonymous said...

If Iggy leaves. he can take Harper with him. Harper, is all about controlling the media. Keep the citizens isolated from what, our government is planning. We hear Harper, preaching about his pet theme, Global Governance. As we now know, Campbell, Hansen and Harper, were in cahoots, regarding the HST. BC being a province of natural resources, the HST is of no benefit to the BC people what-so-ever. Besides which, BC's HST goes directly to Harper, he really wanted the HST, very, very badly. The BC citizens, were forced into the HST, as Harper insisted. We also know, Campbell works for Harper. I would vote for Ignatieff or Layton, to get rid of Harper. He is a snake in the grass, and bears watching our backs, very closely.

Beijing York said...

If the LPC fail to attack the privatization of CPP, well then we know for a fact that they are lying scumbags and no different than the CPC except for maybe issues dealing with reproductive rights and LGBT rights (and still they have a handful of retrogrades that vote with the CPC on these private members' bills).

Even the seemingly brain-addled in the US don't want any changes to the federal Social Security. Bush failed on that initiative so for Iggy to not charge full throttle against this just makes absolutely no sense.

If he fails to make it a priority, Iggy will be Canada's Lieberman.

ck said...

What's with the Iggy only trip here? I haven't exactly heard "boo" from Jack Layton neither? How come no critique for him as well?

From what I've read, it's just the provincial finance ministers, union leaders and labour groups who are protesting.

With the holidays fast approaching, I wonder how long it'll take them before they lose steam to the Holiday madness that usually takes over all our lives this time of year in some form or another.

Harper, the master tactician again; the Bismarck chess player.

I'm with anonymous, Harper must go ASAP and frankly, I don't care how it's done.

The immediate goal is not to shift Canada to the left; that will backfire; it should be to prevent Canada from being further shoved to the far right. Otherwise, Harper will get his majority and I hate to think what horrors he'll commit. Look at what he's already accomplished with a minority; imagine him with a majority now.

This Privatized pension ponzi scheme proposal came out a few days ago; just before the house closed for Christmas break. No Question Period or debates on any subject gonna happen til after the holidays at least.

ck said...

BY, those socons in the Liberal party have always existed, even in the days of Trudeau & Chretien. Notice how they've never really held any senior cabinet posts? And even now, in Iggy's shadow cabinet, other than the odd one or two, perhaps, none of that band holds a position. They never really held great power and I don't expect they ever will.

The Mound of Sound said...

CK, what's with the Iggy only trip here? Let me explain. If my kids were delinquent that would be a whole lot worse to me than if the neighbours' kids were delinquent. I consider myself a traditional Liberal and Iggy's social conservative drift is the burr under my saddle. You may think that's just dandy. I don't.

ck said...
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Anonymous said...

I think Layton is a better option then Iggy. Why can't the LPC see that they need to turf Iggy? They should take a note from BC at least, ditch the useless leaders. Of course we probably won't get anyone better, at least not for the BC "Liberals".

The Mound of Sound said...

Layton, that huckster? Never. In any case the Canadian people would never back that joker for prime minister. Libs would desert to the Tories first. Sorry but the NDP has always been and probably will always remain out of touch with four out of five Canadian voters at least federally.

CK, Iggy's politics have been conservative. His infatuation with a "muscular (as in militarized) foreign policy", his unbalanced support of Israel, his vision of the Tar Sands as a "key to national unity" and the "beating heart of the Canadian economy in the 21st century." Iggy has been the best thing Harper has had going for him in advancing his agenda. No, you have to have a very peculiar idea of what a Liberal should be to see Ignatieff in that light. He sure as hell hasn't confused the Canadian public.

The Mound of Sound said...

@BY - "Canada's Liberman" - love it. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

If the LPC fail to attack the privatization of CPP, well then we know for a fact that they are lying scumbags and no different than the CPC
Iggy already is Harper-lite.
Sure Iggy may bleat every once and awhile, but it's more of quiet acquiescence with what Harper is doing.

Anonymous said...

Does this move mean those Canadians receiving CPP now will not receive anymore?

The Mound of Sound said...

Not unless Harper wants to usher in a permanent, NDP majority government. What makes Steve truly dangerous is that he is an incrementalist. He'll eat the whole roast but just in tiny little bites. That's how he's been able to be so impressively successful without ever having a majority. With incremental change he's often able to co-opt the IgLibs to his bidding lest they be seen as unreasonable.