Monday, June 25, 2012

When I'll Vote Liberal

Who should lead the Liberal Party?   Who cares?   To me, and I suspect a great many other Canadians, the Liberal Party is and will remain irrelevant until it speaks to us about things that matter.

I have resolved never to support the LPC again until it commits to meaningful policies to address two vital threats to our nation - inequality and climate change.   Inequality - of wealth, of income and of opportunity.   Climate change in the context of both adaptation and remediation including the sort of emissions cuts our civilization needs if we're to survive this century without going for each other's throats in warfare.

A Liberal Party that cannot convincingly speak to those immediate and mounting challenges is frivolous to the point of being meaningless.   And so I'll wait.


Owen Gray said...

Concise and to the point, Mound. Let's see if they'll take up your challenge.

The Mound of Sound said...

Hi Owen. I think this is about getting down to bottom lines. We need to simplify focus, to define minima, to draw lines in the sand. Begin with "A" and "B" and say, "if you can't deliver on those, whatever else you do doesn't matter." Inequality - as it extends into not just wealth and income but also the dynamics of opportunity including health care and education - must stand above all else. We know how corrosive it is to society when inequality prevails. No one can dispute that. So why is the Liberal establishment so determined to dodge the issue?

Anonymous said...

The GPC is prepared to tackle those. I think they're the only one.