Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Click Away From 41,000 Rounds of Assault Rifle Ammo

The Guardian took a stroll down Ammunition Lane, the online world of American ammo sales.   If you're fixing to start a war, all it takes is a credit card and a click of your mouse.

Spend just a few minutes browsing the internet and it becomes clear how James Holmes was able to stockpile 6,000 rounds of ammunition without any alarms sounding. Huge amounts of ammunition can be purchased online in a matter of minutes and can be shipped straight to customers' doors, no questions asked.
Yet those familiar with gun ownership in the US are unlikely to have been surprised.

BulkAmmo.com is one of many websites which allow for the purchase of lots of rounds at knockdown prices. On the website one can buy 1,000 .223, 62grain TulAmmo rounds, which can be fired by an AR15 assault rifle, for just $250, or 25 cents a round.

 Customers can essentially buy as much ammunition as they like. BulkAmmo.com had 18 cases of 1,000 .223 TulAmmo rounds "ready to ship". The Guardian selected all 18 – 18,000 rounds – and was just a healthy credit card away from completing the transaction. It is illegal to ship ammunition to New York City, where our office is based, so we entered the address of a hotel in Aurora and were promptly told that in return for $4,737.30 (including a $327.30 shipping and handling fee) the 18,000 rounds could be delivered within days.

 Luckgunner.com stocks Fiocchi .223 remington rounds in boxes of 1,000, described as "perfect for your AR-15!". When the Guardian perused the website on Monday there were 41 boxes in stock. Again, we were able to follow the purchasing procedure through – potentially getting 41,000 rounds delivered within three days, for $17,428.39.

So, all you need is a credit card and a buddy to loan you his automatic assault rifle (better yet, buy one out the back door at the next gun show in your neighbourhood), a bucket of popcorn and a can of pop and you're ready for the movies!

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