Monday, July 30, 2012

Climate Change Will Drive Genocide

By 2030, more than half the world's population will live in areas under "severe water stress."

Unmet demand for food, water and energy, are now seen as reliable indicators of looming genocide or mass killing.

 “We must remain open to the possibility that the past is not necessarily a predictor of where and when mass atrocities will occur, or the means by which they will,” said Chris Kojm, chairman of the National Intelligence Council, a government agency, which will release its first estimate on the threat of genocide and mass killings later this year.

...In areas where there are disproportionate numbers of young men, Mr. Kojm said, the risk of genocide also rises. And, in much the same way that democracies are less likely to go to war than autocracies are, so too, participants said, are autocratically governed countries more likely to engage in genocide or other mass atrocities.

Climate change acts as a “multiplier of other resource crises,” according to Timothy Snyder, a professor of history at Yale University, causing uncertainty about resources, leading to “the ecological panic that I’m afraid will lead to mass killings in the decades to come,” Mr. Snyder told the symposium.

“We’ve entered into this moment of ecological panic,” he said. “Global warming will itself almost certainly directly cause mass killing, but it will likely indirectly cause it” as major states like China and the United States seek to feed their citizens, possibly touching off shortages elsewhere, in places that would then be at risk. China has already begun to act and, in a potential harbinger of future problems, has been investing in farmland in Ukraine and in parts of Africa for a few years.

 With the specter of mounting violence in some countries, the threat of future mass killings was a prime concern.

“The United States and our partners must act before the wood is stacked or the match is struck,”[Secretary of State Hillary] Clinton said, “because when the fire is at full blaze, our options for responding are considerably costlier and more difficult.”

The remarks were made at a conference of foreign policy experts in Washington/


opit said...

Just because I differ on the rationale behind climate change does not mean I ignore upcoming water shortages....which will be permanent BTW If you have read Frank Herbert's 'Dune' we are looking to duplicate the effect - on a water world !
The basis for desert warfare is poisoning the well - an affront to nature and life. Empire and monopoly perpetuate themselves by restricting access to necessities of life - conditions for instituting the stable misery of forced slavery. The cost ... is irrelevant to the scheme. It's a feature - not a bug. But things are getting pretty crazy.
You need not worry about population driving consumption.
"How to Destroy the Earth's Fresh Water Supplies Without Anyone Finding Out"
Nearly 90% of all diseases caused by unsanitary water conditions
Access to safe drinking water is not just a poverty issue. It affects everyone. And the reason has to do with how industry disposes of its waste. Want to know where the water is going ?
Just a couple of links illustrate the point.
I blog articles about water and energy. And these are hardly the most sane seeming ideas.
But; what if ?

Amna said...

good analysis !

Anonymous said...
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