Monday, July 30, 2012

Prosperity = Cultural Superiority, says Romney

As DailyKos puts it, Mitt Romney couldn't order a hamburger without insulting the ketchup and the mustard.

The Prince of Gaffe was at it again in Israel where he told an Israeli audience that the difference between their per capita GDP, $21,000, and that of Palestinians, a mere $10,000, reflected a "dramatically stark difference in economic vitality."

Romney went on to claim that economic history shows that "culture makes all the difference."

The Palestinians were a little miffed that Mitt the Twit didn't figure out that an entire population under occupation might not achieve its full potential quite as easily as its occupiers.   Or the fact that Israel, with its 8-million population, gets a boost from $2.4-billion in US aid annually.

DK wondered whether in light of his fanciful notions of cultural superiority, the American Borat will return home to explain to Republican red state citizens that it's the cultural superiority of the Democratic blue states that leave them so much better off.

Honestly, this guy can't help himself.   He is an utter buffoon and proves it just about everywhere he goes.  Romney stands for nothing, including his own record.   The guy just says whatever he thinks the crowd he's currently addressing wants to hear and when he can't figure that out, he tells them their trees are "just the right height."

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Anyong said...

Imagine Romney and Palin in the same room.......yiks!!