Monday, July 23, 2012

The Mind of Steve

There was a time when conservatives considered themselves hard-headed realists and mocked liberals as dreamers and philosophers with fancy notions.

Old conservatives wanted facts, they wanted science, they demanded to see the math.   But that was then, this is now and today, when the facts and the science and the math are laid out at their feet, conservatives look away.   They recoil from facts, they recoil from science just as the mythical vampire recoils from the noonday sun.

Modern conservatives now prefer to find their "truth" in belief.    Something is proven true because they believe it to be true.   Contradictory facts or science, even logic itself, are rejected out of hand as offending the cardinal belief structure.   Nothing can be allowed to offend cardinal belief, not even reality.

Steve Harper believes bitumen barges plying the British Columbia coast are a good thing.   That's his cardinal belief around which all else must conform.   How do you get a square peg into a round hole?  Easy, you just whittle away all the corners.   Harper has whittled away fisheries regulations and monitoring.   Out of sight, out of mind.   He's shutting down most of our Coast Guard stations.  He's gutting "streamlining" the environmental review process.   His Environment Minister won't even read the U.S. Transportation Safety Board report condemning Enbridge for the Kalamazoo River bitumen catastrophe.

A good deal of the frustration and anger that Steve Harper evokes in so many Canadians is at least partly explained by our lack of understanding of how his mind works.   We expect him to be reasonable, informed and deliberative but, like so many theocrats, Steve's reasoning more closely resembles that of an unruly 8-year old.  He is impatient, impulsive and driven by gut instinct; traits that leave him with a narrow perspective that is closed to others' ideas.   Steve is the consumate modern conservative, preferring to rule rather than govern, to  shove rather than lead, to ignore consensus.  Our country is in the hands of an ill-tempered child.


Anyong said...

It seems what ever negatives happen in the US has a habit of raising its ugly head in Canada especially with this present government. We have at the moment for example, where the Chinese government is making a take over bid for Nexen an oil company based in Calgary. And let's face it the Chinese government is going to do what it can get away with. It is already buying huge tracks of agricultural land throughout the world so that it will be able to feed its population in the future. What are we doing? We are sitting on our hands in the blame mode against the Chinese. It wouldn't be surprising to learn the Canada Government has already sanctioned this take over bid of Nexen. The other element in this attemped acquisition are the shareholders. Not many people give a darn about propriety or ethical behaviour when it comes to making pots of money and that includes Canadians. The more these foreign companies buy up the greater inequality becomes and the poorer we become. So the question is....why are we allowing our Government to act so very irresponsibly. When getting to the bottom of the truth, it is not the Chinese we need to be blaming. It also seems the masses are here only for huge corporations to exploite creating poverty. Open pit mining is being permitted in the Province of Nova Scotia which a Gold Minining company from Australia has bought. In the mean time there is a small family business which is located in the middle of this mining area, who are being forced to sell by the Nova Scotia government. Has any one here seen what open pit mining looks like after a company moves out? At least an oil spill can be cleaned up if taken seriously.

Anyong said...

This comment should have come under the "The Impoverished States of America". It jumped down when it was perhaps?