Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Unlike Sarah Palin, I Really Can See Russia From My Backyard

Well I can see something of Russia anyway.   I can see smoke from Russian wildfires creating a haze over local mountains.   At first I thought it was just water vapour from our recent warm spell but, no, it's smoke carried by high altitude wind currents across the Pacific.

While I've got your attention, check out this post from Diablogue.   It's about a lecture given by venture capitalist Nick Hanauer who disposes of the myths that those like him, the richest of the rich, are "job creators."

Hanauer exposes the ultra-rich as essentially predatory and an obstacle to a sound economy and a healthy society.


Beijing York said...

A good companion piece to this morning's interview with Chris Hedges on "The Current":


Anonymous said...

George Carlin figured it out years ago.


Anonymous said...

I live in Abbotsford. Everytime it gets hot (I'd say nice, but given the effect it doesn't fit), the smog come out, and I can't even see Mt Baker. It's fucking gross. Can't wait to see how bad it is in 10 years.