Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Sunday Sermon - Rebellion

Chris Hedges discusses his new book, Wages of Rebellion.

You can watch the second and third parts to this interview on YouTube.


Pamela Mac Neil said...

Thanks Mound, I really like and admire this man.

Hugh said...

The Canadian Bar Association recently urged Canadians to march in the streets against Bill C-51:

"As organizers prepare for a day of nation-wide demonstrations against Bill C-51 on Saturday, the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) urged Canadians to march in protest against the legislation.

The CBA is a national professional organization representing all Canadian lawyers. Spokesperson Eric Gottardi outlined the CBA's strong condemnation of the bill, saying, "We would encourage Canadians to continue to march, to protest and to write letters and emails to their MPs voicing their concerns." "