Thursday, July 09, 2015

Who Reaches Deepest Into Big Oil's Pockets?

Well, it's not the Alberta Tories if that's what you were thinking.  It is British Columbia's very own Liberal government.

..according to data compiled by Elections BC and Elections Alberta, corporate oil and gas donations to the BC Liberals have significantly outstripped comparable gifts to the then-ruling Alberta PC Party. Since 2005, the industry donated more than $3.1 million to the BC Liberals, relative to a mere $1.8 million to the Alberta Conservatives.


Northern PoV said...

Yes, they thought Alberta was forever in-the-bag. LOL

They are trying desperately to purchase a carbon corridor: south - XL oops, East - rocky road ahead, west - through BC. KM, Gateway etc

sad thing, oil-by-rail is growing everyday while we fight the pipelines

Anonymous said...

Money, money, money. Always sunny on the other side. We have many, many oil cars stopping right in the middle of town here in southern Alberta. I counted 75 one afternoon. Anything ever happens, have the down town will be gone. Submitted....Anyong