Thursday, July 09, 2015

Speaking of Pricks - N - E - S - T - L - E - S

Swiss food giant, Nestle, doesn't give a flying fuck about the drought that's spread along the Pacific from California to Alaska.  The company brought down on its own head the outrage of Californians for pumping out massive amounts of groundwater from native reserves where state authorities couldn't touch them.

Guess what? The bastards are doing the same up here in British Columbia.

Nestlé Waters takes approximately 230 million litres of fresh water every year from an aquifer in the Fraser Valley. They pay $2.25 for every million litres. And that in itself is new, as Nestlé was previous able to take the water for free before new legislation was brought in last year.

You might remember Nestle from the astonishingly blunt remarks of its former CEO who said water isn't a human right, it's a foodstuff.


Somehow, it just sounds so right spoken in Panzer.

I was in a shop the other day looking at a really fancy, single-serve coffee maker, a Nespresso.  Then I looked a little closer and realized it was a Nestle operation. Guess I'll be sticking with my old Tassimo.

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