Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cecil's Revenge. Ripping the Lid Off Walter Palmer.

In his dental clinic ads, Doctor Walter Palmer looks like this happy, wholesome, All-American guy.  According to the ad, "A great smile says it all." Not quite, Walter, not quite.

Among bow and arrow trophy hunters, Walter was already pretty well known. Now, after having illegally slaughtered a prize male lion in Zimbabwe (and causing the death of an estimated 25 of Cecil's male cubs), Walter's even better known.

We know about all the magnificent creatures Walter has slaughtered for no good end including a white rhino, an earlier male lion kill, on and on - or as Jimmy Kimmel puts it "about half of Noah's ark."

We know when he's got the bloodlust running, Walter doesn't always play by the rules.  He's got a felony conviction for illegally killing a bear and lying about it.

Now it seems Walter's prey possibly included a clinic receptionist.

According to documents, Palmer's receptionist, who was also his patient, accused the dentist of "unwelcome sexual harassment by [Palmer] including, but not limited to, verbal comments and physical conduct involving her breast, buttocks and genitalia." The abuse reportedly took place between 1999 and 2005. The claim also states the accuser's belief that she was fired "in retaliation for reporting the conduct."

The case was settled out of court, with Palmer's insurance company ultimately paying the woman and her attorney $127,000 in fees. Palmer was also ordered to undergo sexual harassment training and provide a letter of recommendation.

Who knows what remains to be unveiled about the doings of Dr. Walter Palmer. Oh, Walter. Keep smiling. Those teeth are magnificent even if that smile doesn't quite "say it all."

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deb Scott said...

definitely a sociopath. I find that along with the outrage, that there are a few people seemingly defending this asshole, I just dont get why. He deserves the internet anger, and he too deserves to be hunted down ...and dragged before the courts. I hope the extradition goes thru.