Sunday, July 05, 2015

FIFA - Blatter Doubles Down

When is a resignation not a resignation?  When you're the Pharaoh of FIFA, Sepp Blatter.

Ol' Sepper has announced he won't be attending the final of the Women's World Cup in Canada tonight.  The way he explained that is really bizarre.

"For as long as things remain unresolved, I won't take any travel risks," Blatter said, adding that he was needed at FIFA's Zürich HQ, saying the "commanding officer remains at his post during a battle."

So traveling to Canada almost right under the noses of American investigators is one trip too risky for the Sepp Monster.  He is, however, looking forward to traveling to Russia this month for events related to Russia's 2018 World Cup. Canada is too high risk, Russia is oh so sublime.

"Criticism doesn't hurt. What hurts me are hateful tirades. From jealousy, hate has grown," Blatter said.

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