Sunday, July 12, 2015

What Got Dave to Come Back from Retirement? Of Course, Trump.

In other Trump news, the Republican presidential nominee contender, is spending the weekend in Arizona where he's attending a rally with scofflaw and bigot, Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  Here's The Ugliest American at the Trump rally.

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Unknown said...

I just watched the Trump video. Someome should tell Trump that it is American owned manufacturers that are giving Mexicans job, because they have literally moved their plants to Mexico. How is this the fault of Mexicans? This speech is nothing short of racist. He talks about taking their country back. A bigoted phrase,to get the ignorant pumped. Americans have not lost their country to Mexicans and/or other immigrants, they've lost their country to their own governments and the 1%. Neoliberals control the strings. I think Trump knows that. Any thoughts on Bernie Sanders from Vermont Mound? I'm not sure if I spelt his last name correctly.