Friday, July 10, 2015

Another Tory Spits in Canada's Eye

She's the Environment Minister, for chrissakes!  And the conference was being held in Toronto.  So why was Harper Enviroshill, Leona Aglukkak a no-show at the Climate Summit of the Americas?

The Harper Conservative minister had more important business in her Nunavut riding that would keep her away from the Toronto climate change summit, which was attended by Al Gore and the former president of Mexico, her office said.

But her Facebook page shows, just as the 300 international dignitaries were arriving Tuesday at the summit to map out urgent solutions for a global low-carbon economy, Minister Aqlukkaq went boating, among other pleasurable activities, 2,500 km away. She's seen on July 7 cruising around Baker Lake, posing in front of an inukshuk, and glad-handing several northerners.

She's a perfect Harper Tory, human garbage who has nothing but contempt for the country and our people.  

The National Observer lifted these inspiring shots from the EnviroMin's Facebook page showing what she was doing and it had bugger all to do with her responsibilities to Canada.


Lorne said...

I read the National Observer report earlier today, Mound. Aglukkak's contempt for her own people's fate in a world of climate change amply demonstrates what qualifies her for a position in Harper's cabinet: a complete absence of integrity.

Dana said...

Her own people. Right.

Her own people have elected her since 2008 so fuck them. If they wanted someone to make some kind of movement on climate change they wouldn't elect this bitch.

Troy Thomas said...

Hey, Dana. Fuck you, too. Fucking scum.

Anonymous said...

Yet Another Harperite Dickead (YAHD) proves they are a dickhead. Nothing new here. News that a Harperite dickhead might not be a dickhead would be news. Dickhead is the default Harperite value.

Dana said...

Hey Troy. She gets respect when she earns it - it's not automatic because of her heritage or her gender.

And the same goes for you dickwad.

Dana said...

Y'know what Troy Thomas, I'm not fucking finished with you.

From clicking on your name it appears that you are probably not a complete conservative troll. You appear to actually have a couple of rocks to rub together.

So I'm wondering why you're whatever enough to be annoyed/offended that I disrespected this Aglukkak Harperian woman.

It would appear that you think she's deserving of respect.

Tell me why.

What is there about her that makes her more deserving of respect than say...Tony Clement or Pierre Polievre or Stephen Harper?

Is she your blood sister?

If the Inuit of Nunavut are concerned about what climate change is doing to their traditional lifestyles and livelihoods why do they keep electing this climate change denying Harper bitch?

I repeat - no one is automatically deserving of respect. Not me not you not her no one.

So curse at me all you like but I suggest you examine why she should be protected. Why her among all the Harperian ass hats should she be protected by your anger.

Anonymous said...

I doubt the decision not to attend the conference was hers..

Northern PoV said...

Such an uncivil discussion.
Hey folks, why does Mound do this blog?
Most of the time, online discussion devolves into
"Preaching to the converted... or annoying the usual suspects".
I gave up most of the commenting I used to do for this reason.

Here, there is a bit of dialogue happening. Who knows it may even change some minds. In any case it is refuge from the clusterf*ck that occupies most of the bandwidth out there.

Please keep your "F*ck You"s for to yourselfs. Respect goes a long way.

Oh, and the "blame her people" comment is OTT.
We (the sheeple of Canada) have somehow elected, tolerated and may yet reelect this odious gov't. My people, your people. Collectively, we suck.

The Mound of Sound said...

Thanks, NPoV, I think you've summed it up quite well. You can't slam a people for electing a churl like Aglukkak. I live in a solidly Conservative riding which I think is largely due to the demographics here - we have one of the highest percentages of retired seniors in Canada (neighbouring Qualicum Beach is, hands down, the highest in Canada). Old folks are easily frightened. Harper knows that. He plays them like a violin. Does that mean we all deserve a big "fuck you"? No, of course not.

Just because her electoral success seems counter-intuitive for people of the far north we don't know what she did to appeal to her voters. I expect she laid on the promise of development leading to a better life, an old ploy with which some First Nations are sadly familiar.

Troy is no Conservative troll, anything but. He is, above all else, a fierce defender of First Nations and I'm not at all surprised at his response.

I agree with NPoV. Collectively, we all suck (okay, Saint Elizabeth of the Islands excepted).

Troy Thomas said...

Sorry for losing my temper, Mound. And sorry for calling Dana scum.
But that comment crossed the line. I'll defend my own people, and all my First Nations brothers and sisters, right or wrong, from that sort of attack, always.
I'm not even going to pretend to know why the Inuit voted Aglukkak in. They probably know she's a flake, but they voted her in, regardless.
That's the question the Liberals and NDP need to be asking. They're not going to win the riding if they don't.
But my advice is for them. First, make sure their candidates are woman. Bonus points if their candidate's Inuit. And make sure they're tough as nails. Look everywhere for good candidates. And finally, don't give up the riding.
Other than that, I don't know what else to say.

The Mound of Sound said...

Hi, Troy. As I mentioned previously I wasn't at all surprised at your response. I wish it hadn't happened but you were dealing with what Dana had put out there and also fairly emotionally. She really epitomizes the "Harper stooge" and I wish she had done better for the people of the north, all of them.

I was struck by what Anon 8:18 wrote that the decision not to attend the summit in Toronto probably wasn't hers. It's not hard to imagine that the Harper PMO gave Aglukkak her marching orders.

Dana said...

Hey Troy. My apologies to you too. As the biosphere degrades and species disappear my fuses grow shorter. Not an excuse...just a circumstance.

As to the subject of exonerating voters...can't do it, Mound.

The Mound of Sound said...

Hi, Dana. What troubles me is how the Dark Art of wedge politics, so skilfully practiced by Harper & Co., has eroded the once generally strong cohesiveness of the Canadian people. By utter deceit, fearmongering and appealing to base instincts, Harper has manipulated enough support that, layered atop his true believers, can swing an election.

Yet that majority has also lost its spine and allowed complacency to set into its ranks. They sat by with barely a whimper as the NDP pulled up stakes, moved to the political center and abandoned the Left. Liberals, likewise, stood mute as their party became Conservative Lite.

No one resisted the blanket of neoliberalism that fell over our political parties as we began our crawl into the realm of corporatism.

We have had a decade to reform our own parties, NDP and LPC, and we've failed for want of trying. In the process we've watched the once healthy political spectrum compress and atrophy.

One telltale is the new leadership. We don't have people of vision. That's not required in the new technocracy. All we have are administrators who throw out little ideas, tweaks that are not much more than kernels of corn scattered on the barnyard for the chickens.

We had a decade to make good on our duty to the people, to reconnect, to begin speaking to the public's concerns and aspirations. I can imagine Pierre Trudeau or David Lewis or John Diefenbaker responding to needs this obvious and pronounced.

Now I look and see so many grey suits stuffed with wet cardboard. We're facing the greatest existential threat our species has known in the history of mankind, the clock is said to be running down, and they're all effectively oblivious.

I've become like Ralph Nader. Don't tell me how bad Harper is and why we have to set aside all principle to get him out. Tell me why our side is so pathetic. How is it that, with his deplorable record of deceit and abuse, Harper stands in range of forming a minority government? If the NDP and LPC can't gore that pig, what hope can we have for them if they're in power?

I can't recall our people so divided as we are today and it's made worse when those pulling the levers of power defy the will of the overwhelming majority of us, making us feel akin to captives in our own land.

Dana said...

Can't disagree with any of that. Doesn't exonerate voters though.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but that back turning attitude of hers was nothing but a slap in the face of our environmental issues, and most of all to the future of our grandchildren. Submitted....Anyong

Anonymous said...

"What troubles me is how the Dark Art of wedge politics, so skilfully practiced by Harper & Co., has eroded the once generally strong cohesiveness of the Canadian people. By utter deceit, fearmongering and appealing to base instincts, Harper has manipulated enough support that, layered atop his true believers, can swing an election." But MOS, he couldn't possibly be all those things, he is such a devote believer....what a hypocrite. Submitted.....Anyong