Saturday, July 11, 2015

Hey Calgary, What Do You Say?

Is there some way you can have a rodeo maybe without the torture?

How do you think he feels the next day,
when he has to do this all over again,
or the day after that, or
the next rodeo in a week or two?


Anonymous said...

Robot Animals?

Dana said...

Torturing other species is a big money sport for humans.

Should intelligent life from another planet ever arrive here they shouldn't be allowed to learn about rodeo or fox hunting or dog fighting.

If they learn about those things they will immediately be tempted to destroy us lest they too become objects of our bloodlust pleasure.

Purple library guy said...

I dunno, I sometimes think we're moving in the other direction. I keep expecting we'll see live gladiatorial combat on TV. We've already got UFC.

The Mound of Sound said...

Just look at all the 'selfie' combat video from Afghan and Iraq now posted all over YouTube.

WILLY said...

I think they should forget the horses etc and just strap on guns with live ammo and have gunfights. It would be as entertaining and we can do with less Cowboys

The Mound of Sound said...

I can see it now "Welcome to the Calgary Stampeded, OK Corral." Damn that has a lovely ring to it. Every time a chuckwagon horse is ruined, the driver and the outriders head straight for the OK Corral for a winner takes all showdown.