Wednesday, July 15, 2015

It's Come to This. I Suppose That Should Be No Surprise.

From now on I'll never think of "the Donald" quite the same way again.  Artist Fernando Sosa was feeling pretty disgusted with Trump's bigoted slurs against the Mexican people and their government.  Sosa got angry enough that he turned to his 3D printer and - voila - the Donald Trump butt plug.

I think I'll track this guy down and see what he could do with Harper.


rumleyfips said...

No need. Harper has served that function ( ahem ) for the tar sands people for years.

Anonymous said...

Only people with too much money and who does not possess any brain power can get away with the sort of things he says. How stupid not to know that it is American companies moving to Mexico for cheap labour so they don't have to pay their own people...just mind boggling.

The Mound of Sound said...

I think Sosa could be a very wealthy man if he can churn these out in quantity over the next month or two. It's a window that may slam shut before long but it's the sort of thing you might keep on the bookcase shelf for a good while.