Wednesday, July 29, 2015

CBC Reports Election Call by Sunday

Are Canadians in for an 11-week election campaign? That seems to be what's in store according to CBC News.

The election is generally considered to be set for Oct. 19, 2015, under the Conservatives' fixed election law, although there is wiggle room. But Prime Minister Stephen Harper told Bloomberg News Wednesday that he considers that date to be set in stone.

Dropping the writ more than 11 weeks before voting day will make it the longest campaign in modern history. The previous longest campaign was a 74-day one in 1926.

Harper's interview with Boomberg raised some eyebrows for the prime minister's assertion that he doesn't "speculate" on what he will do in the future. That came in response to Bloomberg's question about the election timing — a decision which rests entirely with the prime minister.

"I don't speculate, and I particularly don't speculate on my own actions.... Obviously, there is an important decision coming up for Canadians [on] Oct. 19," Harper said.

The first leaders' debate will fall in the first week of the campaign. The debate hosted by Maclean's magazine was already set for Thursday, Aug. 6, but hadn't been intended to fall during the campaign.


Anonymous said...

Anyong said.....Looks like it doesn't it? And it will cost over 350 million dollars of our money.

crf said...

It's a small price to pay. There isn't much real waste in elections, and there isn't a clamouring for the labour of relatively unskilled election workers.

Useful stimulus, I'd say.

And it really isn't a big deal that the campaign may be lengthy.

There really is far to much negativity around voting.

Anonymous said...

Anyong said......Excuse me! This election campaign is longer and for what reason? It's a cover-up for what needs to be discussed in this country. For example, the denial of Climate Change due to human activity for one. We are in a recession because this PM has put all his eggs into developing the Tar Sands. An economy cannot be based upon one area or the country ends up being where this one is at the moment. And, for another; any idea how many Seniors in this country are having to divorce after 54 - 60 years of marriage because one of them is in long term care which they are paying for and going through their savings, ending up in the poor house while private Senior retirement facilities gouge? The cutting back of health care in this country while blaming Seniors for clogging up the system. Oh yeah? How many retired people are in this country? In the Province of Alberta there are less than 500,000 retired people. Many, many Albertans go to Mexico for health care and dentistry. People can no longer afford to see a dentist here in this province. "Useful stimulus, I'd say" How? Only Con supporters will get the Election Jobs. And, tell me why we have to put up with all this added time to hear nothing but cock-eyed snide digs from all the different parties? Over 350 million is nothing but a drop in the bucket according to you. And about voting. If a Canadian is working out of the country, they can't vote. Our Rights and Freedoms Charter article 3 states, as Canadian Citizens, we have the right to vote no matter what. "There isn't much real waste in elections," That is ludicrous. Give your head a shake!