Thursday, September 07, 2017

Defeat Is Supposed to Be An Orphan

Not in Hillary Clinton's world. Her defeat at the hands of Donald Trump seemingly has many fathers.
In her new memoir Clinton steps up to accept the blame for her failure before then blaming just about everyone else from former FBI director, James Comey, to Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and, of course, the tenor section of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and those "deplorables" especially the misogynists.

She was robbed, no doubt about it. Comey's clumsy email investigation might have been enough to hand Trump the win. But Obama, Biden, Bernie Sanders? Please, Hillary, man up.

Let's face it, the November runoff featured two of the least popular contenders in American presidential history.  Hillary was one of those two least popular candidates. A lot of American voters simply didn't like her. According to recent surveys they still don't even after eight months of Trump's presidential buffoonery.

Among Democrats, Hillary's self-serving and bitter memoir is the book they hoped she would never write. Then again as we saw from Hillary and Bill during her first run for the Democratic nomination, those Clintons can be genuinely nasty little shits.


deb Scott said...

well she shows me that she is still trying to play at politics(and badly with some questionable facts)Gawd she has reached the pinnacle of success, she has prestige, money, family, influence, and some good years left---why not retire in a non-hurricaney part of the world.
HRC trying to continually influence public opinion and spin the election narrative....after the fact is just exhausting. I question why...god I hope she wont run again:(
Meanwhile---she thinks she wuz robbed:P She needs to do drinks with Bernie so he can tell her his story:P
(Oh right he is a misogynist who talked over her, sighhh)
the book didnt need to be written, MSNBC regurgitated, spun and broadcast this narrative for her and the dems.

The Mound of Sound said...

Yes, Deb, it didn't need to be written. "Hills" simply wanted to settle scores and air grievances. I don't dispute that she was robbed nor that she was the best candidate by a vast margin. However she was and remains unliked and someone with that drawback does their party no good by seeking the presidential nomination, especially not in these highly troubled times. Hillary put her day in the sun which she believed was unjustly denied her by the usurper, Obama, ahead of the needs of the nation and the wellbeing of her party. That diminishes her stature and she obviously still feels the sting.