Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Et Tu, Brute? Have They All Gone Mad?

It's pretty obvious that America's man/baby president has been coming apart at the seams emotionally. Most think it's rooted in a deep-seated psychological malfunction. Who knows, maybe it's a virus. It seems Trump may be contagious or maybe someone else was the carrier.

That someone else might be none other than Steve Bannon, Trump's former chief strategist and supposed informal advisor.

Down in the heartland of American racism, Alabama, there's an aggressive contest for a Republican nominee to fill Jeff Session's vacated Senate seat.

Trump has been backing the GOP establishment favourite, Luther Strange. He even showed up at a Strange rally and more recently sent Mike Pence on a similar pilgrimage to the Heart of Darkness.

Reprising the role of Kurtz is the infamous Judge Roy Moore, the darling of the radical right who broke into the public eye when he planted a chunk of granite with the Ten Commandments engraved into the top at the Alabama Supreme Court building. Moore was ordered to remove the monument, refused and was removed from the bench.  In Vietnam he slept in a cot surrounded by sandbags in fear that his men would frag him with a grenade while he slept. An Alabama-grade asshole if ever there was one.

But this isn't about Moore, it's about the folks who are turning out for him, his backers, including one Steve Bannon, Trump's supposed BFF.

At the Moore rally, Bannon took the stage with Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson and the ever popular fascist Brit, Nigel Farage.

In a barn adorned with a giant American flag, Bannon told the crowd that the Washington establishment "think you’re a pack of morons."

Calling out several GOP operatives by name and their "running dogs" in the media, Bannon declared, “Your day of reckoning is coming.”

“We did not come here to defy Donald Trump, we came here to praise and honor him,” Bannon said. “A vote for Judge Roy Moore is a vote for Donald J. Trump.”

Referencing the ongoing controversy over NFL players taking a knee during the National Anthem, Bannon said, “Every person in this country should get down every night and thank God Donald Trump is president.”

Strange’s backers, including Senate Majority Mitch McConnell, "are the same people that have tried to destroy Donald J. Trump since the first day he announced for office," Bannon said.

Meanwhile, Bannon continued, Moore backers like Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, and Ben Carson, Trump’s own housing secretary, have “been with Donald Trump since the beginning.”

Robertson, sporting in his signature camouflage clothes and long beard boasted that he doesn’t own a cell phone and has never turned on a computer. He urged the crowd not to worry much about the health care debate currently raging Washington, because everyone is going to die.

"Running dogs" is a phrase that was bandied about by Chinese, North Korean and Vietnamese Communists back during the Vietnamese war. Imperialist running dog was a pejorative used to describe American soldiers. Now Bannon's using it against other Republicans?

Suddenly I can't get "Dueling Banjos" out of my mind.


Owen Gray said...

Insanity has swept the Republican party. Can it be contained?

The Mound of Sound said...

I think it is already embedded in a sizable segment of the population, Owen.

Anonymous said...

I'll be the audience squealed like pigs.


Anonymous said...

I would not called it insanity but sanity, instead.
The revolt is against Republican establishment which eats from a hand(s) of neocons and military industrial complex.

John B. said...

So why didn't Bannon try to take over the Democratic Party instead?

Anonymous said...

I see Christian martyr Moore pulled off an easy win with the Y'all Qaeda crowd. To celebrate, Trump violated the Presidential Records Act and deleted his tweets supporting looozer Strange. Trump supports Moore, Trump had always supported Moore.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous John B. said...
"So why didn't Bannon try to take over the Democratic Party instead?"
Because Steve see farther than you (and other gullibles) and knows that the vast majority of the Democratic establishment is also in cahoots with neocons and military industrial complex. Does name Hillary rings a bell?