Thursday, September 28, 2017

"Ethnonationalists" Are You F@#king Kidding?

When the picture shows a thug with a pistol on his belt and the Klan logo on his shirt, he's not an "ethnonationalist." He's a racist and worse.

Ethno-nationalism was at the heart of Hitler's National Socialist Party. It was the Nazi creed. And just because it's spreading across the United States there's no excuse for an obscure name to mask this disease - it's full-bore fascism in all its permutations. It's anti-black. It's anti-Latino. It's anti-Asian. It's anti-Semitic. It's anti-Muslim. It's misogynist as all get out. It's angry and it's violent. It's deliberately ominous and threatening.

So, CBC, it's time you called a spade a shovel. These assholes, a significant component of Donald Trump's base, are fascists. They're latter day American nazis and they have evil designs on their country.

And if you want to see how this fascism blends seamlessly with Christian fundamentalism, Christo-fascism, check this out.


UU4077 said...

"And if you want to see how this fascism blends seamlessly with Christian fundamentalism, Christo-fascism ..."

Some people go to a lot of effort to try to justify their "Christianity".

Personally, I believe that, to be a Christian, means you follow the purported teachings of Christ. That, in turn, can be simplified into his two great commandments - 1) love God [insert definition here] and 2) love your neighbour. And, if you cannot do the second, you are not really a Christian.

As for the "Old Testament", for Christians it is preface, nothing more.

Jay Farquharson said...

As ANti-Racist Canada has shown, over and over, using "their own words", "their own meme's", from their "members only" pages,

CCC = Nazi
Proud Boys = Nazi
La Meute = Nazi
Rise Canada = Nazi
III% = Nazi

etc, etc, etc, and that's not including the "Official" Nazi Groups.

One flavour of Nazi isn't apparently enough for the racist, mysogenist, homophobic, islamophobic wingnuts, so they are splitting and dividing daily into smaller and smaller subgroups and flavours.

Rather than being "proof" that While Male Privledge is deserved, "these Nazi's" are proof that a certain gene pool needs a lot more chlorine added.

The Mound of Sound said...

Well put, UU4077. Would that more Christians followed that.

The Mound of Sound said...

That's disturbing, Jay. I had to look up some of those groups. I had no idea.

UU4077 said...

Just my conclusion on it all after studying at seminary.

Anonymous said...

UU4077, it all comes down to your definition of neighbour. Many if not most of the evangelical churches are segregated, as are many American communities. It's easy to define your neighbours quite literally, especially when you're taught to read the Bible that way.


Jay Farquharson said...

In total, in Ontario and Quebec, where all the different "fruity" flavours of the Nazi's have their largest actual presence, the most they have ever managed, all combined, to bring out onto the streets, is 250.

La Meute "claims" over 35,000 members, but their largest event, an awards dinner, drew 25. I'm guessing that the 34,975 "online" members of La Meute, are mostly Russian hackers, Macedonian "fake news" entrepreneurs, US racists and facists, and bot's.

Most of the so called alt-right, ( Nazi's) in Canada, have loose affiliations across multiple groups, the web allows their voices of hate to be greatly amplified,