Wednesday, September 13, 2017

You Can't Make This Up. The Land of Netanyahu.

Bibi and Uday

I just went to the web site of the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz. There's some brouhaha about supposedly anti-Semitic cartoon posted on social media by Benjamin Netanyahu's son, Uday, attacking George Soros.

The article linked to three other stories:

Netanyahu Jr. refuses to pick up dog poop, then claws at his critics

Analysis Why Netanyahu hates George Soros so much

Opinion Attacking Soros: Israel’s unholy covenant with Europe’s anti-Semitic ultra-right

WTF - from a story about Netanyahu's punk son to dog poop to Bibi's hate-on for George Soros to Israel's "unholy covenant" with Europe's anti-Semitic ultra-right. 

Not enough? How about this one?

Ex-KKK leader David Duke comes to the defense of Prime Minister Netanyahu's son after he posts a meme that suggests a conspiracy is behind his family's growing legal problems
read more:

Now, unlike our prime minister, I know that Israel has become an ultra-right, near-fascist state intent on holding the Palestinian homeland the only way it can short of outright ethnic cleansing, an apartheid state, but courting ultra-right European extremists or garnering support from David Duke?

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