Friday, September 15, 2017

Uh, Yeah, Duly Noted

There's an eye-opener. Canada's top officer at NORAD, a lt.-gen no less, tells us that the US does not consider itself obliged to defend Canada in case of a North Korean missile attack.

Really? Well, what about Afghanistan? Even though the United States was never actually attacked by the Afghanis, we dutifully responded to Washington's Article 5, NATO charter plea and joined other NATO partners in America's hapless Afghan war.

So, if Washington, which is so fond lately of poking Pyongyang with a sharp stick, doesn't consider itself obliged to defend Canada in the event of a North Korean missile attack, what is the point of NORAD at all or, for that matter, NATO?


Owen Gray said...

There is a virus which is raging in the United States, Mound. The bug erases history.

Jay Farquharson said...

1) the Nork's arn't going to shoot a missile at Canada,

2) on CBC a very nice, sane lady from the NATO Institute pointed out that Canada's "proper role" is to aid and facillitate Negotiations to reduce the threat and that the world has to accept that the Nork's are now members of the Nuclear Club, and it's best we help them become Members in Good Standing,

3) Worst sales pitch ever by NORAD to try to get Canada to join and subsidize the US's BMD program, ever.

Toby said...

Jay is right, its a sales pitch Canada to join and subsidize the US's BMD program. Can Trudeau resist?

Jay Farquharson said...

Sad thing is, it's a Canadian General,embedded in NORAD, who's using fear, to advocate against Canada's best interest, on the behalf of the US MIC.

Talk about your Institutional Capture.

The Mound of Sound said...

For my money, the Ottawa's David Pugliese is the best military affairs/national defence scribe in Canada. Here's the end of his column on this subject:

...instead of whether Canada should or should not join the American missile defence shield, a new debate should be launched. That would look at whether it is worth having an ally that has an official policy to sit back and let a catastrophic attack proceed on its neighbour and one of its closest partners even though it believes it has the means and technology to stop it.

I'll second that.

Purple library guy said...

Silly. The point of NATO and NORAD are to defend against the godless Communist Soviet Union. What could be more necessary than that?
. . . What's that you say? It no longer exists?