Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Shannon Sharpe Wades Into What's Really Happening in the NFL

Shannon Sharpe, CBS commentator and former NFL tight end, on the curious solidarity of NFL owners with the league's black players. He's also got a few choice insights into America's racist pig of a president. And, this time, it's not just a 20 second soundbite either.


Lorne said...

The Star's Rosie DiManno has some interesting thoughts about the NFL owners, Mound:

None of those team owners who actually and symbolically locked arms with some 200 protesting players on Sunday and Monday have seen fit to sign Kaepernick as either a backup or third-string QB.

"They are hypocrites.

They are among NFL franchise owners who, with the league, donated at least $7.5 million of the $106 million raised for Trump’s inaugural festivities, according to public records. And hundreds of thousands more to Trump’s campaign.

If those owners, now in purported lock-step solidarity with their players, gave a fig about racial injustice, they would not have blackballed Kaepernick or waited until this most odious of commanders-in-chief challenged their own feudal sovereignty over football".

The Mound of Sound said...

An uncommon moment when I agree with DiManno, Lorne. Thanks.