Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Every President Gets 'Em.

Here's some food for thought in the aftermath of hurricanes Harvey and Irma.  During his two terms in office, George w. Bush issued more than 420 disaster declarations for severe storms, tornadoes, wildfires and floods and, of course, Katrina. That's about one a week. That's 11 per cent more than the disasters declared by Bill Clinton and 130% more than the declarations issued by Ronald Reagan. I'm trying to track down the states for Obama but it seems he kept pace with Bush Jr.

It does seem these disaster declarations are coming in pretty fast and furious these days but, of course, that says nothing about climate change which we all know is a hoax.

Changing the subject, a bit, what do you think of when you see increasingly common photos like these?

The first thing I wonder is just what's really in that water?  Some of it, unfortunately, is top soil, something that's already in peril.  But there can be a lot of other nasty stuff in it too including chemicals as well as animal and human waste and everything that sort of effluent carries. As the waters recede they'll take some of the nasty stuff with them, some of it will be left behind. Sort of like when the sanitary sewer backs up in your basement. I recall an experience with that at my folks' home back in the 60s. Gross.


bill said...

if you are feeling down today mound check out the Whitehorse daily Star newspaper (a conservative rag) and read the article Territory may need to implement sales tax. Then get your favourite beverage and read the comments.
The Yukon news publishes tonight and should have a more progressive view. I predict a cold winter and hell will freeze over. Maybe change has to start in our own backyards.

Toby said...

As always, disasters are worse when there are too many people living nearby. Most of Florida is a swamp surrounded by a sandbar and a beach. Until recently it was a rather nasty place to live with some of most vicious mosquitoes found anywhere and prehistoric reptiles which like to bask on your lawn. However the lure of the sunshine and those beaches and an out of control real estate industry lured millions of people. With a few more storms and rising seas and more pictures like those above a great many people will be moving.

Yes, Mound, there is a lot of crap in that water, literally.

Northern PoV said...

The Mound of Sound said...

Thanks for the link, Bill. I read some of the comments,not all. Not now, not me; someone else, some other time. Actually that might make a fitting epitaph for humanity today.

The Mound of Sound said...

I'll be checking out real estate listings in Key West for the next couple of months, Toby. Should be interesting. I'm guessing the hit in prices will be less than one might expect.

The Mound of Sound said...

Great article, NPoV. It neatly ties up the story of what's really going on in the far north.