Wednesday, July 18, 2007

All for One...

The Guardian reports that Iraq's seven major Sunni insurgent groups have agreed to form a political alliance.

The insurgent leaders described, ...a joint political programme, including a commitment to free Iraq from all foreign troops, rejection of any cooperation with parties involved in the political institutions set up under the occupation, and a declaration that all decisions and agreements made by the US occupation and Iraqi government are null and void.

The aim of the alliance - which includes a range of Islamist and nationalist-leaning groups and is currently called the Political Office for the Iraqi Resistance - is to link up with other anti-occupation groups in Iraq to negotiate with the Americans in anticipation of an early US withdrawal. The programme envisages a temporary technocratic government to run the country during a transition period until free elections can be held.

The alliance says it is independent of either al-Qaeda or Baathist resistance forces.

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