Friday, July 20, 2007

Another Body Blow for Musharraf

Pakistan's Supreme Court has reinstated Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry, ruling that the judge's dismissal by president Pervez Musharraf was "illegal."

Mushie purportedly sacked Judge Chaudhry for alleged corruption but it is widely believed the dictator was seeking to eliminate a judicial threat to the legitimacy of his rule that could upset Musharraf's plans to seek parliamentary appointment to a second, five-year term. That ploy is expected to be challenged before the courts.

This is not a happy time for Mushie. His takedown of the Red Mosque extremists has bought him new enemies but few new friends. The breakdown of his truce with Islamist forces in Waziristan has left him scrambling for a new deal even as the accomodation is being condemned by Musharraf's Western benefactors. Then yesterday the White House announced it was prepared to carry its war against the Taliban and al-Qaeda onto Pakistani territory.

Mushie has long been just one step ahead of his assassins and now he has even more people apt to be gunning for him as he becomes weaker and weaker.


Pak Report said...

Your blog is quite informative and seems impartial. As you have posted a few articles about Musharraf and Pakistan, I would like to put to your attention another side of the politics and US involvement in Pakistan's affairs. Please find below the link of what really happened before, during and after Chief Justice's removal.

The Mound of Sound said...

Thank you for the link. It wsa an interesting account, a well-woven narrative but it needs to be fleshed out with verifiable corroboration sources for some, if not most, of the key details.

What was Pakistan's ISI doing about the CIA/RAW treachery in the Red Mosque plot? I assume if you have this knowledge the Inter-Service Intelligence agency must have enough information to be able to damage the plotters.

While I'm on the subject, what has happened to the ISI under the current regime? Has it been crushed, has it "gone to ground?"


PakReport said...

That was quick, I have to say.

The plot of Red Mosque - it was not that there were like Green Berets sitting inside the mosque. When international agencies get involved, at least in Pakistan, they do it directly (by giving monies) or indirectly (by creating a suitable environment). To the people inside Red Mosque, they were really doing something really Good or Holy. (Their bosses outside the mosque got quite rich at their expense)

As for references to involvement of international agencies: Pakistani Politicians and bureaucrats started pointing towards this fact from 2004. However, at that stage the media had a field-day, making fun of a senior politician when he pointed towards involvement of foreign intelligence agencies in Pakistani terrorism.

In 2007 and 2008 even Musharraf started hinting towards international involvement and also said that "there will be no color revolution in Pakistan" in his televised speech.

If you are interested, you can read about the Blue Tulsi Operation. All the incidents mentioned in the report can be traced on the internet easily. Some guy is trying to find all the online references in the report (and at the rate he is going, it should take him a year or so, but he is progressing):

PS. Its nice to see someone who does not reject something new outright and searches for proof and sources.

PakReport said...

The ISI story.

It is a government agency. Unless the government dissolves the agency by a constitutional bill, it will keep doing its work. Under the current Govt. setup, all they have done is replace the top leadership. However, this has been done nearly every two-three years starting 1988 and has done nothing to change the way ISI does things. It has to do with the way ISI works.

Currently, some think that Rehman Malik would be able to achieve what couldn't be done in the last two decades, thus him becoming the head of homeland security. However, he also knows it cannot be done and is just playing for time. He is using the time very efficiently, and according to the news coming out is fast on his way to the billion dollar mark.

What is ISI doing right now?
It is doing everything it used to. Just that now international media is not printing the stories. However, alternative media is continuing to keep the track.