Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bush's Neighbourhood Improvement Project

If there's one thing the Middle East/South Asia region could really use right now, it would have to be more weapons. Let's face it, no Carnage Festival worth the name can go on and on and on without an abundant supply of stuff to kill other people with. And when it comes to the Muslim world, George w. Bush's attitude is full-bore, party time.

This week, Washington made a lot of noise about how the Saudis are becoming a pain in the backside that we sometimes call Iraq. The Saudis, it seems, are busy funneling aid and other goodies to Iraq's Sunni insurgency which, just coincidentally, likes to spend much of its time attacking American soldiers. So, what to do?

How about offering an arms sale package to the Saudis and their neighbours worth, oh say, $20-billion? Well that naturally didn't sit too well with Israel so Washington went ahead and upped their weaponry welfare package to $30-billion over the next 10-years. There's a tidy $50-billion of new killing stuff, all of it heading to what has to be by far the most unstable little corner of the world. Oh, and don't forget, the new nuclear package America has negotiated with India. That should spur those Pakistanis to get busy, don't you think?

The Americans say they're worried about giving the impression they're fueling an arms race in the Middle East. Not so, they say. They're only bolstering friendly nations to meet Iran's growing military capability. Hey... what the hell... that is an arms race!

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