Thursday, July 19, 2007

Canada's Ongoing Political Deadlock

It looks like it's going to take one really big issue to cause Canadians to make a decisive choice on just who they want to lead this country.

A Globe & Mail/CTV poll finds the Libs and Tories tied at 31% in popular support. The NDP have 17% and the Greens 10%.

This is bad news all around but especially for Stephen Harper who is shedding his skins faster than a snake with leprosy. Did anyone notice how Harpo was praising Canada's "progressive" traditions, even our universal health care, while prancing through South America? I don't think even Stephen Harper likes Stephen Harper any more. All those things this guy once stood for he's now wiping his feet on. I'm sure that, deep down inside his guts are churning, but Harpo knows that he's not going to let his principles stand in the way of a shot at real power.

More bad news for the Harpies is their boss's utter failure to achieve a breakthrough in Quebec where the Tories are a distant third to the Bloc Quebecois and the Liberals.

The good news has to fall to the Liberals. Even with a leader as lackluster as Stephane Dion, our "Invisible Man", the party can still hold its own against the Tories - for what that's worth.

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