Saturday, July 21, 2007

CNN Licks Its Wounds and Blitzer has fielded a bizarre defence of reporter Wolf Blitzer. It comes on the heels of the thrashing Blitzer took at the hands of Michael Moore a few days ago. Moore had been invited on to talk about his latest documentary "Sicko." Blitzer preceded the Moore interview with a piece by CNN's medical reporter, Sanjay Gupta, that challenged Moore's credibility. When Moore got his turn, he shredded Blitzer who stood before the camera almost mute and looking stunned.

We all have our own opinions but I've always thought Blitzer to be a journalistic lightweight, constantly testing the winds of opinion and sniping from the sidelines. Given the rousing defence of their reporter, CNN must think a lot of others share my opinion:

Wolf Blitzer's in the news again. CNN's colorful, attack-dog journalist was involved in another on-air confrontation, this time with "Sicko" filmmaker Michael Moore.

"Attack dog journalist"? Oh, spare me.

Liberals have learned what conservatives have long known -- that there are benefits to being seen as "standing up" to the "hostile" press. Former President Clinton's testy exchange with Chris Wallace on Fox News Channel last September was particularly instructive. Fans of Democratic presidential candidates are delighted about their refusal to appear in a debate sponsored by Fox.

"I'm much more sensitive to it because I suspect that politicians and people who have political agendas are going to use these forums increasingly not just to answer questions on substantive issues, but to try to score some points and rally their bases," Blitzer said.

[Blitzer] sees himself as a surrogate for the public, with a responsibility to ask newsmakers about things that their critics are saying about them. If a question is ducked, he'll ask again. If it's ducked again, he'll point that out and move on.

What a self-serving load of crap! Thanks CNN.


Anonymous said...

CNN used to be a good source of news. Now it has indeed turned into a load of crap.

Anonymous said...

Im shocked that you dont have a clip to link of your prime time lefty boy, M. Moore eviscerting a CNN pundit. We have Ayaan Hirsi Ali fucking up Avi Lewis all over youtube.