Wednesday, July 25, 2007

America's Deserter in Chief

The New York Times today laments that George w. Bush has no exit strategy for his failed war in Iraq.

What is President Bush’s plan for a timely and responsible exit? That is the essential precondition for salvaging broader American interests in the Middle East and for waging a more effective fight against Al Qaeda in its base areas in Pakistan and Afghanistan. And it is exactly the question that Mr. Bush, his top generals and his diplomats so stubbornly and damagingly refuse to answer.

The plan [to keep American troops fighting until at least 2009] ignores the fact that the volunteer Army cannot sustain a prolonged escalation without grievous losses in quality, readiness and morale. Even more unrealistically, the plan assumes that with two more years of an American blank check, Iraqi politicians will somehow decide to take responsibility for their political future — something they’ve refused to do for the last four years.

The sad reality is that it takes real courage to lose a war, to admit failure, to muster up the resolve to accept the best of a host of bad options to relieve the suffering of one's nation. Bush knows that no good choices remain, there never really have been any, so he'll shelter in his cowardice and take no choice. This is America's "War President".

Bush is a coward and it is his cowardice that is driving his grandiose "war on terror." Like all cowards, he'll freely lie and deny and make no end of empty promises and grand assurances. The worst part has to be that, when you watch him blather on, you can see that he knows the truth but can't and won't bring himself to speak truth.

George Bush has abandoned his post, deserted the field. He's the Frat Boy again but, then again, he never was more than that. He's now America's "Deserter in Chief." It's time for Congress to show the courage their president cannot. End the war and impeach the bastard.

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