Thursday, July 26, 2007

IDEX - Recharging the Middle East's Bloodlust

A lot of money is due to change hands this weekend in Dubai. It's the annual, International Defence Exhibition or IDEX, and it's just the place to stock up on goodies for your particular insurgency of choice.

Everything can be had from sniper rifles to state-of-the-art surveillance gear to the latest attack jets and there'll be plenty of buyers for just about all of it.

Saudi Arabia and Jordan are widely believed to be arming Iraq's Sunni insurgency this way and, while America is fond of complaining of Iranian ordinance finding its way into Shia hands, when was the last time you heard Bush/Cheney denounce their Saudi buddies for helping their Iraqis kill Americans?

IDEX - bringing together all the mayhem and suffering fit to buy and all of the oil money keen to buy it.

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