Saturday, September 22, 2012

Angry White Men Go Crazy, Keep Aged Leader, Lose Sole MLA

The Gods must be smiling down on Crispy Clark.  Her right of centre rivals, the B.C. Conservatives, have imploded.  After the Cons' leader, Geriatric John Cummins, was backed by a 71%  vote, the party's sole MLA, former Lib John van Dongen got into a car and sailed off into the sunset.  JvD says he'll sit as an Independent but won't return to the B.C. Libs u so long as Clark is premier.

If the B.C. Cons can't attract viable candidates to run an effective campaign next year, the Libs will be in a much better position to fight the NDP challenge.

Only in B.C.


Al Hunter said...

No more NDP. No more Libs. No more Cons. It`s time for GREENS.

The Mound of Sound said...

No argument here, Al.

kootcoot said...

Unfortunately the Greens have an economic policy about one inch to the left of Paul Ryan's goddess (who died on the government teat of SS).

However, with the BC_Cons en-route to the the scrapyard of political parties, maybe the Crispy Crunchers can send three or four MLAs to the House and the rest can feed them peanuts.

BTW, Adrian, remember 2001 and don't give them party status, put them in the cellar and give them NO resources. What goes around comes around.

The Mound of Sound said...

I'm not too worried about the Greens' economic policies at this point, Koot. If climate change comes on as quickly and hard as it seems to be, economic policies will all be obsolete in short order.