Sunday, September 23, 2012

Houston Cops 1, Double Amputee 0

Imagine the horror.   You're being threatened by a double amputee (one leg, one arm) in a wheelchair brandishing a pen (presumably in the one hand he uses to propel his wheelchair).  

What are you going to do?   Well, if you're a heavily armed, Houston cop, all alone (except for your partner), you draw your gun and plug him.  Problem solved.

Houston police spokeswoman Jodi Silva said the man cornered the officer in his wheelchair and was making threats while trying to stab the officer with the pen.

At the time, the officer did not know what the metal object was that the man was waving, Ms Silva said.

 "Fearing for his partner's safety and his own safety, he discharged his weapon," Ms Silva said.

Police did not immediately release the name of the man who was killed. They had been called to the home after a caretaker there called and reported that a man in a wheelchair was causing a disturbance.

 The owner of the group home, John Garcia, told the Houston Chronicle that the man had a history of mental illness and had been living at the house about 18 months.

"He sometimes would go off a bit, but you just ignore it," Mr Garcia told the newspaper.

Wow, do the math - four arms, four legs, two guns, two truncheons, two Mace canisters versus one arm, one leg, a wheelchair and a pen.


Beijing York said...

Wonder what will happen if it turns out this man was a vet? Will that victimology sway the hearts of Texans?

In my formative years of the Hill Street Blues era, even fully able-bodied and armed with guns bad guys were often taken down with a shot to the knee and then arrested. It was called disarming the criminal. Shoot to kill was something to be avoided unless one's life was threatened.

The Mound of Sound said...

What this man turns out to be is probably irrelevant. He is finished and needing only discarding. He was saying angry words and waving something. He was the instrument of his own liquidation. Besides, with just one arm and one leg, chances are he wasn't paying any income tax.