Monday, September 10, 2012

Enbridge Dummies Up About Chinese Pipeline

Chinese J-20  

 Just who is going to own the proposed Northern Gateway bitumen pipeline?   Could the totalitarian People's Republic of China be one of the owners?   Enbridge tried to change the subject when the question was posed Saturday at the sham federal review panel hearings underway in Edmonton.  The pipeline operator dismissed it as a "red herring" perhaps oblivious to the "red" reference.   For, after all, it's the Red Chinese, those godless Commie Bastards we've cursed for generations, who are on the Northern Gateway's receiving end.    And it'll be tankers belonging to and operated by those same godless Commie Bastards that'll be plying the treacherous Douglas Channel, Dixon Entrance and Hecate Strait putting the British Columbia coast and the livelihood of its residents in peril so they can get the juice they need for their masses of godless Commie warships and godless Commie warplanes and godless Commie tanks.

Calgary lawyer Barry Robinson, acting for three environmental groups from British Columbia, pushed Enbridge at Saturday hearings in Edmonton on the extent of Chinese ownership — not known at this time — and whether it was possible that China might try to take controlling interest in the proposed pipeline.

Robinson noted that China already has purchased a stake in Alberta’s oilsands deposits. Also, Chinese state-owned companies own the refineries in China that would handle the Alberta bitumen.

“Have you ever considered the scenario that China might want to close the loop and take a run at commercial control of the pipeline?” said Robinson, in questions directed to Enbridge officials at the federal Joint Review Panel hearings.

Enbridge vice-president Paul Fisher replied emphatically: “Absolutely not.”

Of course not.   Enbridge would never make a blunder like that, would they?


Alison said...

Financial Post, Mar 28, 2012 :

"Chinese investment in Canada’s energy sector could move to a new level if PetroChina wins a bid to build the controversial Northern Gateway oil sands pipeline.

The largest of China’s three state-controlled oil companies has expressed an interest in building the $5.5-billion project across the northern Canadian Rockies and is considering purchasing an equity stake, said Pat Daniel, president and CEO of proponent Enbridge Inc.

“They have made the point to us that they are very qualified in building pipelines, and we will take that into consideration when we are looking for contractors,” Mr. Daniel said in an interview."

The Mound of Sound said...

Hey Alison. Thanks so much for that. I only wish the rest of Canada gave a fiddler's... well you know. We've got to stop this.

the salamander said...

Exceptional, timely reminder of how this country continues to stagger forward, mismanaged by an out of their depth government with 3-4 year olds sandbox ethics and behavior. Uh, that is grabbing at jets and trucks, throwing sand, pretending to build castles or forts or playing 'army' with guns and tanks.

I'm sure you've visited this link but have a look if not. Certainly the included links near the bottom of the article are priceless. Once a country's electorate and concerned citizens DEMAND answers, honesty, and consequences.. its amazing what can happen.

The link you included 'red herring' to Sheila Pratt's article is priceless. Line by line the disclaiming and obscuring and spin is astounding. I especially liked how Enbridge suggests that 'nationality' of companies involved in a Canadian pipeline is not relevant except to provincial or federal government. (I thought those governments represented 'our' wishes?) The question remains of who the pipeline investors/owners and eventual operators would be. This being a newly formed company, hived off from Enbridge to avoid lability from diluted bitumen pipeline spills.. and essentially having zero liability regarding tanker/coastline spills.

I caught the casual but clever 'lawyer-speak' inclusion regarding aboriginal ownership level. That speaking point was determined in a very large boardroom of very expensive lawyers.. and when interpreted in different ways, suggests many different ownership balances.. pertaining to 'control'. Essentially, it could very well pertain to zero aboriginal ownership or .00001 aboriginal ownership that nevertheless could tip control. 'Canadian Regulations' mentioned near the end of he article by the slippery Paul Stanway... those would The Harper Party legislated regulations, n'est pas ? Perhaps new and tailored regulations bolted into an omnibus bill ?

Keep in mind how duplicitous 'lawyer-speak- can be..
Joe Oliver, (Lawyer/Investment Banker/Minister of Resources)
who's 'STANCE' regarding this particular pipeline is well known..
“Unfortunately, there are environmentalists and other radical groups
that would seek to block this opportunity to diversify our trade.”
now disclaims "I, personally, have not said that this pipeline should go through."