Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Look For a Star in the East - FOX News Throws Romney Under a Very Luxurious Bus

Even FOX is losing its patience with Mitt Romney.  An editorial takes Romney to pieces for his attack on the 47%, those who don't pay U.S. income taxes.

The governor is wrong to say that the 47% don't pay income taxes.  Sixty-one percent of those people are paying payroll taxes at a rate of 15% or more, which is higher than the 13.5% rate that the governor himself has paid. These are people who almost certainly would like to pay income taxes.  They are typically under employed, or are earning less than a family of four needs to support itself. 

They are just as hardworking and committed as people making a lot more money.  So, the governor is simply wrong.

Another 22% of people in this category are those receiving senior citizen benefits like Medicare and Medicaid, and presumably a large percentage of them have been in the work force previously. 
To think that the country is divided into “Haves” and “Have-nots,” with the Have-nots being victims, is a profound misreading of America, it represents bad political thinking, and it represents the worst form of paternalism. 

FOX being FOX, the editorial goes on to slag Obama for, wait for it, pointing out the obvious - that the rich in America don't pay their fair share.  This, to FOX, is class warfare.   And then, to prove they can defy gravity, this:

This is not a country that is divided, and it is wrong for both candidates to do so on the basis of class, or level of taxation paid.

America.   Not a country divided?   Really?

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