Friday, September 28, 2012

MacKay Marches on Asia

Chronic prevaricator and Harper DefMin Peter "Airshow" MacKay obviously got a double shot of testosterone while in Washington for meetings with his counterpart, Leon Panetta.   MacKay rushed from the meeting to the Canadian embassy where he got on the telephone to gushingly call for Canada to establish a "permanent, visible [military] presence" in Asia.

"We have to be there in quality and quantity in the coming years," MacKay told QMI Agency during a call from the Canadian embassy in the United States, following meetings with his American counterpart.

Now if there's one thing that region needs it's more military to stir up the already simmering pot.   South and East Asia are undergoing massive and potentially destabilizing arms races as India and China lurch unsteadily to economic, political and military superpowerdom.

True to form, MacKay offered no rational explanation of exactly why Canada needs a high-profile and permanent military presence in Asia, possibly because no such rationale actually exists.   Perhaps he feels that rattling a few sabres and banging away on drums would be a great way to distract Canadians from his government's utter inability, perhaps even disinterest, in securing Canada itself.

My guess is that MacKay fancies the notion of Canadian F-35s deployed to Asia as part of America's aerial Foreign Legion, proving, in his mind at least, that we're one of the Big Boys.


LeDaro said...

It looks that after getting the first majority Harper government has gone a lot more crazy --joint UK-Canadian embassies, sucking up to Netanyahu, closing embassy in Iran and breaking all diplomatic ties, talk of starting war with Iran. On and on it goes. Paul Martin was right that Harper has a hidden agenda or Harper, Mackay and co. are a bunch of fools and don’t understand the international geopolitical situation, period.

Anonymous said...

My, my, how generous is Communist China? They are permitting our military to have a base in that horrible country? Who other than Harper and MacKay, would be be stupid enough, to put our military into a Communist country? Not that it matters. Harper has handed Canada to Communist China, right off a silver platter.

Citizens are wondering about Harper's sanity? His behavior is really bizarre. Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini and Harper, have the same typo personalities. All of them are dictators and all cheated to win.

Our young people say. Canada is Harper's Fourth Reich. Harper was Policy Chief for his Northern Foundation Party, from 1989. Harper is linked with Nazi intellectuals and Christian Fundamentalists. The skinheads assisted to organize Harper's, more than shady party.

lungta said...

Defence Minister Peter MacKay is calling for the Canadian military to have a "permanent, visible presence" in the Asia-Pacific region.
Can someone please phone him and tell him that "permanent, visible presence"
somewhere we do not belong are called targets?
He says China's tensions with its neighbours, North Korea's nuclear threat, Islamism in Indonesia, and "the regional tensions that exist even between South Korea and Japan" are all reasons for the Canadian forces to be more involved in the region.
very frackin poor reasons airshow

and then i did the survey
Should Canada increase its presence in the Asia-Pacific area?
51% are sayin' hell ya lets go....
i dont think i can take another three years of new Canadas better thinking

The Mound of Sound said...

@Anon - Canada is looking to Singapore and other countries in the region for basing rights. No one is looking for bases in China. They're the target.

@lungta - We did so well against backward tribal farmers with Korean War-vintage weaponry that China should be a snap. MacKay never seems able to pass up an opportunity to reveal himself an utter fool.

Purple library guy said...

Anonymous, I b'leeve you meant to say "Capitalist China".