Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Victoria Times Colonist Calls "Bulls__t" on Christy Clark.

You Go Girl.  No, Seriously, Just Go.

The untested, unproven and unbelievable premier of British Columbia is paying dearly for her cracks about her very own legislature.   The centre-right Times Colonist is having a field day with Clark and her unfortunate remarks.

Pundit Les Leyne volunteered that Clark may have Romneyed next year's election.  "To 'Romney' is to speak from the heart during an unguarded moment and say something so fantastically stupid that it winds up destroying your campaign."

And the main editorial today is even harder on Premier CC:

When she was running for the leadership of her party, she was excited about bringing new respect to the legislature. She said she loved question period and the debates in the house. She wanted to bolster legislature committees and she wanted to find co-operative ways to help ensure that more private members' bills were passed.

What a difference a year makes. Since Clark took her seat on May 30, 2011, private members have brought 24 bills to first reading. How many of them have passed? None.

While the premier is right to push her new ministers to get a grip on their departments and put their budgets in order, voters can be forgiven for thinking that a major reason for avoiding the house is to keep the government away from too much examination in the run-up to next spring's election. The sick culture and beltway debate sound a lot like people asking questions she doesn't appreciate.

 Goodbye, Christy.  We barely knew ye.  I guess we owe you thanks for that.


Jymn said...

What puzzles me is that Clark has been unable or unwilling to correct her course. Perhaps she really does want to throw in the towel. Many pols are unable to fix their wayward path but it doesn't seem like Clark has made even the smallest effort to do so. Stubborn, ignorant or just lazy?

The Mound of Sound said...

Hey, Jymn. I've got the same suspicion - she's ready to throw in the towel. Stubborn, ignorant or lazy? My take is that it's arrogance and frustration. She thought we'd all fall madly in love with her, the Redeemer of Campbell's failed Liberals. It didn't happen.

Yeah, I think she's a quitter. This is her second bout of it.

kootcoot said...

Our very own Tundra Trailer Thrash Palin. However though like Christy, Sarah went to more than one college, she did at least manage to finally graduate from one of them, IIRC.