Sunday, September 09, 2012

Canada's Deputy Prime Minister Praises Steve Harper, Sort Of

Steve's biggest fan, Israel's Benny Netanyahu, has sung praises of Canada's p.m. for severing diplomatic ties with Iran.   Canada said it acted because Iran was a terrorist state supporting Assad in Syria.  Apparently Netanyahu didn't get the right script.  He says we ditched Iran because of nuclear weapons - that don't exist.


Owen Gray said...

Something tells me that Netanyahu's praise will come back to haunt Stephen Harper -- as it should.

LeDaro said...

Mound you got it wrong. Netanyahu is Associate Prime Minister.

Troy said...

Dr Roubini has stated war with Iran would probably be, of four warnings, the greatest catalyst for the next economic meltdown.
How does cutting off all Canada's ties with Iran serve, in any way, Canada's national interests? Whatever happens to Iran is whatever happens to oil prices. Oil prices are one of the major stumbling blocks toward full economic recovery. A sudden steep rise in oil prices will disappear any growth the West may have had in the past few years.
For whatever reason, Iran just sends US politicians, and US politician wannabes, into brain frothings.

The Mound of Sound said...

Roubini has been on the mark so far and I expect his take on Iran is likewise on the money.

When it comes to foreign policy, Harper is all show and no go. He acts as though Canada is a vastly bigger player than it is, whether it's severing diplomatic relations with Iran or supposedly reading the Riot Act to Putin. Unfortunately his grandiose swagger comes at a cost. Canada squanders its once considerable influence and goodwill and ability to work behind-the-scenes to actually achieve something all for the sake of Harper's showboating.

Who doesn't remember how severely Harper scolded the Chinese when he came to power? Now he's practically in bed with Beijing. His fickleness and insincerity is breathtaking and doesn't go unnoticed in distant capitals around the world.

sassy said...

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