Thursday, September 20, 2012

Weaver to Run for Greens in Victoria

One of Canada's top climate scientists, University of Victoria prof Andrew Weaver, is going to run for the Green Party in Victoria in the next provincial election.

Finally the Greens will get the scientific credentials muscle that only a guy like Dr. Weaver can offer.   With May, federally, and Weaver, in B.C., the Greens look like a very attractive alternative to the NDP and Liberals in Victoria and in Ottawa.


Carter Apps, dabbler of stuff said...

just a clarification, he's running provincially No?

So it probably doesn't translate to GPC cred as much as I'd like to see. Perhaps if he fails to win Provincially he might run Fed as well.

The Mound of Sound said...

Yeah, sorry GAB, I should have made that clear. The Greens do have plenty of challenges provincially also. The BC NDP position on the environment hasn't been as forceful as some people assume.

Carter Apps, dabbler of stuff said...

Yeah, I think they could do better than Sterk, the knee jerk condemnation of smart meters because they use wifi was just dopey. As I understand those meters, short infrequent burst transmissions at very low wattage was no threat supported only by quack science.

A real scientist will be good for them.

The Mound of Sound said...

I've been wondering if Suzuki would run. Stepping away from his foundation has cleared the way for that. He's getting on in years but he seems fit enough.

Wouldn't it be great to see dozens of scientists flocking to run for the Greens? They know what's at stake if we continue to dodge the global warming problem and, in question period, they could make the government look like a bunch of hammerheads.

Carter Apps, dabbler of stuff said...

Agreed, it would be a beautiful thing to see scientists come out from the shadows and fight for the environment in the public arena.

I suspect you'd see a lot of no show CPC candidates come debate time.

kootcoot said...

If the Greens would ditch their mostly neo-liberal economic policies, I could certainly support Green candidates, otherwise they just bleed votes from the left, while representing only similar environmental ideas and the economics of the enemy.